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Equipment List

20 ton Standard tilt trailer
Eight wheel with air brakes. A total refit in 2003 including a new deck. The 19' deck on this model allows the trailer to fit in tighter spaces.
BTI TB335QA Rock Hammer
Bedrock, concrete, hardpan, your Granny's fruitcake, all are no match for this breaker.
Attached to the Volvo EC-55, tight places are no problem, with plenty of hittting power. The quick change to buckets make cleanup fast.
36" Promac Brush Cutter
Mounted on a Volvo EC-55 Excavator makes this fast tool the most low impact and versatile brush control system to date. The cutter will mulch trees and brush up to 3.5" in diameter. There is a hydraulic thumb to move logs and large stones. Its perfect for trails, fire breaks, roadside brush, "parking out" woods, demolishing buildings, all without a match.
Save your back, the environment, and money-call us.
Case 580K backhoe loader
With four wheel drive, an extendable stick and 4 in 1 front bucket, and 1', 2', and 3' buckets, this is the most able hoe on the island. It has done it all, loading, ditching, logging, excavating, road maintenance, burn piles, septic systems, you name it. Fast, nimble, swiss army knife best describes this machine.
2003 Volvo EC-55 Excavator
11,000# machine with 3 buckets, 12” rock, 24” general purpose, 40” clean up. Also a 16” hydraulic thumb and hydraulic quick change (change buckets from inside of cab). The low impact tracks are rubber to allow use on pavement, grass, soft muddy ground, and surfaces where damage is a concern. With the backfill blade, this machine has it all, with the ability to load a truck, get into tight places (6'3") and dig like there is no tomorrow.
2006 Caterpillar D4G Dozer
18,300# bulldozer with 8' 9" 6 way blade and low ground pressure, extra long steel tracks. The highest production available is provided by the modern "Hystat" propultion system. Its best use is to make uneven ground "flat". But is great for backfill around buildings, ditches, road work, land clearing, trim and more. Did I say fast?
International 8 yard dump
Single axle International dump truck with 8 yard aluminum box. Will hold 10 yards of light material like top soil or approximately 8 yards gravel. This trucks advantage is its high capacity for its short truck length. Power is a L-10 Cummins diesel, brakes are air. Capacity is 20,000# of material.
John Deere 650
Tractor with 4 wheel drive, front loader, 42" rototiller,and 12" auger is perfect for garden tilling and post hole digging. We have a 4 foot mower deck that will mow a grass field in no time.
Need Equipment
You don't see here? We are constantly upgrading, adding, and leasing new equipment. We will find the right machine for the job. Call- we will be happy to discuss your project.

Gislason Construction is a full service excavating company located on San Juan Island 2 miles from Friday Harbor, Washington.

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Serving the construction industry on San Juan Island since 1976.

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